Pierson Equity Group

Trusted Multifamily Real Estate Partner

Pursuing exceptional outcomes for investors and borrowers to generate legacy cash flow and equity through short term bridge loan solutions

Explore how our real estate opportunities are designed to meet the unique needs for our investors.

Discover the financing solutions we provide to select borrowers for multifamily assets across the nation.

Our Focus

We Create Long Term Equity Through Short Term Hybrid Bridge Loans and equity investments

We’ve established strategic partnerships with experienced operators across the United States to allow us to efficiently create high rate of returns, long term cashflow and equity holds for decades after our initial loan is paid back in full.

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Investment Partners


2020 Partner Transactions


Partners Asset Value*


Units in Ownership by Partners

Case Studies

Partner Portfolio

Actual multifamily properties bought using our strict investment guidelines where borrowers leveraged a hybrid bridge loan and delivered 15%+ returns.

200 Units

Stabilized Value: $11.5M
Bridge Loan: $2.0M
Cash on Cash IRR: 30%
Annualized Return: 36.67%

608 Units

Stabilized Value: $47.99M
Bridge Loan: $6.13M
Cash on Cash IRR: 26.57%
Annualized Return: 82.99%

264 Units

Stabilized Value: $13.88M
Bridge Loan: $2.98M
Cash on Cash IRR: 29.80%
Annualized Return: 36.03%

*These assets are held by our established partners

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