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Investment Committee

Ash Atkinson

Yahoo Finance 20 Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2020

Born and raised in the small industrial town of Sudbury, England located 60 miles north of London. 

At the age of 20, he moved to Germany to work for one of the largest equestrian breeding facilities. He spent 2 years learning and received great exposure to the sales and management side of the equestrian industry and developed an extensive contact list of professionals all across the world. 

He then went on to spend a year working for La Silla in Mexico where he furthered his education in the development of competition horses and established an in-depth understanding of the Latin American market. 

Ash then moved to the USA. His first two years in the US were spent in Southern California where he began to acquire knowledge in the US real estate market. Due to the nature of the clientele in the equestrian industry. Ash was also able to pivot his activities into providing Jet/Yacht charters and sales that combine into the high-end luxury lifestyle.

He now resides in Wellington, FL with a focus on working with ultra-high net worth investors in creating alternative asset investments.

With Ash’s tremendous passion for real estate, having already invested himself in a commercial development project in Chicago and starting another business that has the primary focus of sourcing off-market distressed real estate opportunities for real estate investors. He is very accustomed to maintaining a leadership position and the management of various teams across his current businesses.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Working with High Net Worth Individuals/Investors
  • Private Jet/Yacht Charters and Sales
  • Estate Management
  • High-End Luxury Lifestyle
  • Funding Sources For Real Estate Investments
  • Access To Luxury RE Development Partners
  • Solar Energy Installation
  • Financial Services
  • US Based Private Equity Funds
  • US Based Real Estate Funds

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