Pierson Equity Group

Co-Founder, Managing partner

Rich Sanchez

Rich is the Founder and CEO of Product Fit, a professional services training, consulting, internet publishing and broadcasting company. 

He is also the founder and managing partner of PFG Capital – a private equity investment fund raising $100M to deploy on a portfolio of digital properties focused on education, health & wellness, finance and real estate industries to produce 25%+ ROI to investors by leveraging his network of corporate executives, investment fund managers, entrepreneurs, software engineers, digital marketers, creatives and high performing product managers. 

For the past 10 years, Rich has worked in technology as a Product Management leader alongside digital agencies, startups and Fortune 100 companies (such as Disney, Google and Johnson & Johnson) in order to bring to life digital product experiences that solve problems for consumers and businesses, all around the world. 

Today, Rich raises and invests millions in capital funding for Private Equity deals while also consulting business leaders with how to own and grow multimillion dollar product lines through acquisitions and technology enabled solutions in order to positively impact people around the world.

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